torsdag 12 juni 2014

The Real Deal

Pacific here we come

Pacific is on our door step and this time it is happening for real. Leaving Panama was in short a bit of mess. My burning wounds happily recovered really fast but I think that was the only thing that went in the right direction. During the trip here, Colombia we even sailed backwards due to the current and no wind. Anyway my crew and me kept the mood up during the 15 day long trip, the short little distance to Tumaco in Colombia. 

I have to say that the Pacific Ocean is absolutely amazing, dolphins and whales are swarming around the boat along with jumping sting rays and sharks. We even got one of the latter on our hook, it was a big one, over a meter that we sent back to its home. 

Tumaco really made up for our lack wind and luck during the passage. It happened to be the most loveliest little town, with amazing, helpful people. We spent more than a week here and had time to get to know the city, dancing salsa and hanging out before it was time to make the boat ready for the big trip.

Since I have not been able to scare my South African companion Adeena off yet, she will be joining me for the next big trip to French Polynesia. It will take about 30-40 days, who knows I have stopped to estimate time of travel by now. But the boat is filled with fresh water so it can take as long as it likes. 

Cheers mate!

pictures by Adeena

Out door shower are the best!

Even when you use too much soap
Finally out on the ocean again

Some tuna for dinner!

Plans change quickly, suddenly we are off to Colombia instead of Ecuador, land as land.

Our french friends on Djerpi that we hope to meet again in the Pacific

Definition of chill

Panama flag is down

Still pretty without wind

Seriously though where is it...


Fishing lines getting tangled

Ja mannen


Just chilling

Land Ahoy!

Some are more excited about land than others!

A whole fan club

Lovely breakfast at our welcoming friends restaurant 

 I have got a feeling tourists are not very common here in Tumaco...

So are beers though!

Best anchorage ever 

Soon time to go...

A bit of water... As I said I have stopped to estimate time of travel. Time to sail on! See you in a couple of weeks.

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