tisdag 16 juli 2013

13th of July

Chilling out in Bornholm

For the first time in my life I was sailing the boat alone this Thursday when I went from Karlskrona to here, Bornholm. I had a really nice time as well as the night was calm and quiet, and thanks to our wind vane rudder I could chill out a lot. It was an awesome feeling to be sitting in the boat reading and writing while heading out on the open sea with the wind blowing from behind. Yesterday I didn’t do that much in Rönne (Capital of Bornholm) because I had to sleep when I arrived at 8 am in the morning. Though when the evening came I went out for a couple of drinks and had a great time. Rönne is one the most beautiful towns I have been to, with the small houses made of wood and bricks. Tomorrow I will try to leave quite early and set the course for Germany, it seems like I will be doing that part of the trip alone as well but now I’m more confident so it won’t be problem.

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