måndag 29 juli 2013

The Northern Sea

Germany and beyond 

Now I have left Germany, it took a long time but since I was alone on the boat I could not do it so much faster. The journey was splended with sunny days and calm winds. When I came to the big channel in Kiel I was quite nervous about entering the large locks with the enormous container ships. When I came to the first lock the light was green so I rushed forward, then suddenly I heard a laud voice in the speakers from the control tower saying. "Swedish sailing boat get out of the way!" I would like to say I did not get less nervous when these words echoed over the water. I folllowed order and called them on the VHF-radio, they answered, talking perfect english and said in a real friendly tone how to do and when to enter the canal. Thank you staff of the Kiel-Canal for so friendly to a newbie like me!

Anyway the rest of the canal trip went smooth and I turned up in Brunsbuttel where my father turned up to join me for a couple of days. It was a really nice to finally have some company and also to get some help with repairs and modifications of the boat. We saild out on Elbe where the boat suddenly picked up a speed of 10 knots on a shitty wind which is extremly fast for a boat like mine. Now I had one more thing to have in mind, the streams. 

We sailed out on the norhern sea and had a couple of days with hardly no wind the ocean was supringsily calm. But when we reached the coast of Holland we ran into a thunder storm in the middle of the night. I never been sailing in stronger winds and the waves were massive. We didn't sleep for the whole night and since the wind increased instead of went out we decided to retreat into Holland. Here we are now and my dad is flying home while a friend called Malcolm Skalin going to join me tomorrow. Thank you dad for all the help and for beeing an awesome crew member. On thursday the journey continues to England!

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  1. Följer bloggen med intresse.


  2. Underhållande blogg! Härligt att du följer dina drömmar och fortsätt uppdatera oss läsare