måndag 2 september 2013

Some Pictures

Some Pictures

The journey continues in a very slow but steady pace. We are in Olhao near Faro at the moment and today we are going to visit an island near by. Unfortunately new crew member Gyðja Trondardottir has to go home to study but two other guys that I met in Lisbon are coming to join. Yesterday we also met two dudes that are about to sail in the same direction as me the following days. They had similar boat as mine and seemed really down to Earth. We decided to create the slowest sailing boat race in the world. 

Here is a picture of Jonathan and me. He is still a member of the crew and a really good bloke!

The crew are having the best day ever on a hidden beach outside of Lagos!

Rear of Yoldia with the cliffs outside Lagos as Background

Yoldia is enjoying the portugal sun

 Picture of our little passenger!

The wonderful crew are chilling out!

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