söndag 8 september 2013

Spain Again

Party in Cadiz

 We arrived in Cadiz, Spain late thursday night. For the first time since a came to Spain and Portugal Yoldia had some waves rinsed the deck. My new crew looked a bit pale but the journey over all went well. Unfortunetly I forgot to fill up with gas again so we had an little adventure before I had the engine to work and we could enter the marina. 

Cadiz is a beautiful city and apperantly the oldest in Europe. It has been a hectic weekend with a lot of parties. I really enjoy the company of the new guys and it is an exquisite feeling when we introduce the crew in bars since we come from four different nations, Belgium, France, Australia and Sweden.

Tomorrow we are heading for Gibraltar and in to the mediterranean. 

The crew in a bar somewhere in Cadiz

Belgium Jans feet on the way to Cadiz. He told me it was bit struggle taking the picture due to the rockyness of the ocean.

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