onsdag 19 februari 2014

Pictures of the crossing


Pictures of the Atlantic cross taken by crew member Antonio

Some jamming on the beach in Las Palmas before heading out on the big sea
Chilling out in the Marina in Las Palmas

Out on the sea finally, I am satisfied the new rigging is working really well

Beautiful sail-setting, a modified Vega for sure!

Martin is chilling out and reading 
A dolphin, to bad we didn't get a picture of the whales!

Captain is chilling out

Antonio is enjoying the sun and ocean

If there is a place called heaven I am sure it is located somewhere around there....

....or maybe there 
A nice Dorada, beautiful and tasty fish

Benoît with the rainbows

Just a regular evening

I don't know the name of this fish but it is ugly as hell, tasted ok though

Some mas climbing, maybe not the best to do on the Atlantic but it went well

Man of war bay, Tobago. This is my Norwegian neighbor Blomsterskatt.

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