fredag 14 mars 2014

Trinidad towards Panama

Towards Panama

Now I have been in Trinidad for a couple of weeks, as company during the sailing I had Daniel from Blomsterskatt and a guy called Anthony from London. We had an awesome time enjoying the carnival in Port of Spain. At the moment the boat is moored in Chaguaramas out side Port of Spain and today the trip continues. I met a girl called Adeena from south Africa here who wanted to join me to Panama. So off we go in a couple of hours and I will check the channel out to see how it works and what the costs are. 

By the way, when we were in Charlotteville me Daniel and Ole-Martin from Blomsterskatt had a gig on the local bar. That was a laugh, we made a few own songs and among them there was a song about Charlotteville:

"Have you been to Charlotteville, have you seen what I have seen
Have you talked to Joe on the peer

You should go to Jabbas place, drink a stag in slow pace
Maybe you'll meet Sniper there talking of his football career

Charlotteville, Charlotteville, may you stay as you are
Charlotteville, Charlotteville, I pray to god

Charlotteville you kept your heart despite a cruel and bloody start
The clear brown eyes tell me so I will remember when I go"

Nice little tune, this morning I was on the radio again, check it out. See you in two weeks, the ocean is calling.

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